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Ilpa Extra Lux Autoluc - Self Polishing Varnish for Marble Granite

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CLEANS, REVIVES and POLISHES. Anti-static effect. Impregnating product. Penetrates into the porosities of the treated materials cleaning them and giving to the surface an immediate shine and an antistatic effect repelling the dust.
Regular use of the product is suggested to have always a high shine and cleaning.
The Extra Lux self-polishing varnish is formulated with resins and very selected waxes, the mixture ensures flawless polishing on marble and granite.‚ The formula has been developed to provide the treated surface with a lasting polish, even after exposure to atmospheric conditions.‚
Lab tests have shown that marble treated with Extra Lux and then exposed to UV-A light for 40 days doesn't undergo any alteration.‚
Extra Lux has a wide range of applications, in all cases where traditional polishing may be difficult: corners, borders, edges, columns, etc, and on elements already installed.‚ It is suitable to obtain, a wet look, and even on unpolished display materials: blocks, slabs, tiles

Polished marbles, granites and natural stones, ceramic tiles, bronze, steel, and chromed metals.
How to use
Spread the product on a dry and clean surface. Let the product work 1 minute about and then wipe the excess on the surface with a soft and clean cloth rubbing gently to help the penetration and to avoid halos and marks on the surface.
According to the desired effect, a second application may be done, approx., 15 min.‚ after the first coat. Total drying depends on temperature and requires approx 30 minutes.
Solvent-based product: flammable. Use in a well-aired place and wear proofing gloves. Apply on surfaces perfectly dry and clean. A PRELIMINARY TEST IN A SMALL, HIDDEN, AREA IS RECOMMENDED BEFORE THE APPLICATION


Product is flammable and is pickup only in Perth, please contact us for special delivery freight pricing