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Drill Bits Tools In Perth

Profix Drill Ultimate, High Speed Drill Bits, SDS, SDS Max, Masonry Drill Bits


Get All Sets of Drill Bits Tools In Perth At Any Time From Tool Smart WA


Tool Smart WA has been operating for 50 years in manufacturing and polishing tools like level and lifts, safer traffic cones, diamond polish pads, diamond core cutters, aluminium and sheet steel core saw, and all types of drill bits tools in Perth.

Our Drill Bits Steel Body

We have made the steel body by using a material of 5140 or 4140. Often, we also use other materials to increase the drill bits tool's durability and strength. Our tools can treat with 40-44 HRC toughness, has high wearable & hardiness and resistible features.

Tungsten Carbide

We have made 50HRChardness by using low pressure sintered. Our manufacturers select the grade according to clients' requirements, and our manufactured drill bits work well in all circumstances.  There are numerous sizes for your choice, no-one carries such a big range of sizes in depths and/or half sizes like we do.

Why Us?

We stock a wide variety of specialty cutting tools to add to your tool box.  You can be confident to find your special size, length to carry out your job. We guarantee the quality, fast turnaround and reliable service.

Provide Every Solution

Need an solution to your problem? At Tool Smart WA, we know tools, and our qualified staff is always ready to provide professional suggestion and service with information unrivalled within the business. Our group's ability to offer solutions to your difficulties firmly founds our business as the market leader in specialized tool retailing for those who use any kind of tools for a living.

Competitive Prices

Do not pay huge money elsewhere for buying drill kits; our prices are flexible and competitive. You can easily pick the tool according to your budget.

Fast Delivery

We know how much drill bits are important for you. It is why we provide fast and reliable services. You will become happier after getting your order quickly at your door. We are the best tool providers and have an easy communication process for you.  Place your order with us and get your desirable tools from a leading company.

Get Quality Tools

We are proud to offer products and services vital to our state's economic progress and prosperity. We have the ranges of quality drill bits tools in Perth and sets that contain 40pc Quality Bit Set, High-Speed Step Cone Drill Bits Titanium Coated, Masonry Drill Bit, Premium High-Speed Step Cone Drill Bits, Premium High-Speed Twist Drill Bits, Profix Drill Bits, SDS MAX Rotary Hammer Bits, SDS-PLUS Helix 4 Rotary Hammer Bits, Wall Plug Drill Bits and Wood Spade Bits 1/4" Quick Change Shank 150mm.

Wood spade bits are for sale. Get them from Tool Smart WA.

Talk To The Top Company

To buy any of our quality kits, organize an order or need to talk large wholesale collection. Call Jo on 0403 412 263

Every day, we provide our customers with efficient tools, to help more individuals to form a better Australia.