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Profix Drill Bits

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Professional tradesmen and women are using this versatile drill bit everywhere! Works especially for extremely hard surfaces like porcelain tiles. This bit offers trade professionals a one-stop solution for common fixing jobs. No need to have a variety of bits for various surfaces, and going back and forth to the hardware store!
  • Perfect for drilling into Brick, Concrete, Fibre Cement, Porcelain Tiles, Granite, Marble, Hard Woods, Plastic Acrylic and Perspex

  • Drilling Bricks - No Blowout, Faster, Cleaner, Quieter, and longer-lasting than Masonry Drill Bits.
  • Drilling Porcelain Tiles - goes through most, hardest porcelain tiles in seconds....(Tip Be Patient, we know there are extremely hard porcelain tiles from Europe, use the 4mm as a pilot to go through the top glaze, then proceed with the required size.

  • Super hard chrome grade Carbide tip ensures long sharpness and impact-resistance.
  • Used on a cordless drill with NO HAMMER function
  • Max Speed 500 rpm or else burn out will occur at higher speeds reducing performance. Water is not usually required while drilling but helps extend life when going through very hard porcelain.

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