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Diamond Brazed Core Cutter with Free SDS Arbor Kit

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High-Quality Diamond Brazed material is used to cut and core masonry without using an impact hammer drill and best of all it just attaches to a normal drill in the range of 500 - 700 rpm.

  • 150mm Cutting Depth
  • Do NOT use Hammer
  • No blow out of material as the drill penetrates the other side, which means no mess to clean or repair and more time getting the job done.
  • Follow the recommendations, for better Performance and Long Life
  • Easier drilling to reduce fatigue with this core cutter.
  • Pilot, used only as a guide for the center.
  • If you are an air-conditioning installer, use the Diamond Brazed Premium (DBCCP electroplated in 65mm or 80mm for Optimum performance.
  • 13 piece kit
    • 5 Diamond Brazed Core Cutter
      • 32
      • 40
      • 50
      • 65
      • 80
    • 1 SDS Long
    • 1 SDS Short
    • 1 Hex Long
    • 1 Hex Short
    • 2 Pilot
    • 1 Drift Key
    • 1 Tornado Tool Bag

Note: You receive 1 Arbor Kit for Free with your purchase, if you require another please purchase. If you require the Hex, please purchase and you will still receive the pilot and drift key free.