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Wood Spade Bits 1/4 inch Quick Change Shank 150mm

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Specifically for Australian and New Zealand Timbers and MDF. Designed for speed with use of ease, giving hole quality with half threaded tip design.
  • Woodworking flat drill
  • Sharp and Durable Quality
  • Precision Angle
  • Superior Hardness
  • Smooth Surface
  • Anti Slip
  • Excellent for Carpentry


Meet the Number One Tool Manufacturer, Best Wood Spade Bits Supplier



A hole making is a pretty standard process in any machine shop, but selecting the best kind of cutting equipment for each job isn't always clear amended. At this time, you want a drill that supplies the effort piece material, produces the specs required and ultimately provides the most benefit for the job at hand.


It's also not amazing that reducing the cost of hole making is essential in reducing the business's total charges. In that concern, wood spade bits offer manufacturers distinct cost and technical advantages over traditional twist, carbide and indexable insert drills. At Tool Smart WA, we have a plenty range of highest worth, demanding tools and equipment for even your most confounding drilling tasks.


Get Profitable Growth


We can better recognize the specific purchaser needs with our primary focus on the sub-sector and fast-growing application. This is not just about the development or research. And we are also handling our key account management to support customer communication and attain good results. 


A Hole making is the general task of all metal or woodworking operations. Practically every machined part has bored and bolt holes and other round and cylinder-shaped features that must be cut into the work piece. It's not astonishing that hole making accounts for more machining time and cost than other operations.


Save a Lot of Cash


Wood Spade Bits are a smart choice for small runs due to their lower direct cost. Usually, small jobs don't attire a tool out before they had done. This means there isn't any interruption from change-outs, regrinds and touch-offs.


Another cash-saving way is the duration of time saved or spent when you change your cutting tools. The replaceable drill diameter and length are not affected by changing the cutting edge since the solid exercise needs to be ground when it's worn and reliable.


Our Tools Work for a Long Run 


At Tool Smart WA, our tools are designed with replaceable cutting edges that provide a lower cost of job over the life of the tool for long-standing contracts and high construction runs. The savings jump when the cutting edge is damaged or broken at this time. There is no need to place the order for the whole tool, and you only pay for the damaged replaceable part.


Why We Are The Best 


We stand out from the crowds with our excellent customer service and one-to-one interaction with customers and shop owners. We want our clients to do tasks with powerfully and perfectly erected drilling equipment's. 


Our Mission


We at Tool Smart WA promised to build strong relationships with our valued clients along with providing high-worth construction or cutting apparatus.


Incomparable Workmanship 


We believe that a strong foundation dictates an empowered life. Therefore, we at Tool Smart WA keep your prosperity in mind while the delivery of any tools. We always stay in a continuous connection with you to ensure that you achieve what you have dreamt of.


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