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Porcelain Tile Drill Bit


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Tool Smart WA has the ample range of highest worth, demanding tools and equipment for even your most perplexing drilling processes. Our brilliant array drill bits include Masonry Drill Bit, Wood Spade Bits, best porcelain tile drill bit, and the profix drill bits considered the best in the market place.  Our high speed twist drill bits and wall plug drill bits are second to none in quality. So, contact us without any reluctance. We are just one call away from you.

Why Should You Prefer Tool Smart WA?

 We keep the price of our facilities less than the market price. So, every business can easily connect with us because of our economical pricing. Now, do not time waste while trying to drill fixing holes into porcelain tiles. Our porcelain tile drill bit range is the solution to this challenging application. They will drill through the most complex domestic and industrial wall and floor tiles. 

We Offer Quality Tools and Equipment

Our porcelain tile drill bit is such a versatile bit you must have in your tool box.  Profix will drill through a wide range of hard to penetrate materials such as , brick, timber, granite, marble and ceramics Plaster-backed wall tiles, Natural slates, Travertine, Marble, Granite, Quarry tiles, Porcelain.

Our specifically designed porcelain tile drill bit has a tip profile that reduces slip at the start of drilling. These drills have flutes more little bodies and are suitable for three-jaw chuck (plain shank) rotary drills. Moreover, work as a decisive Multi-surface fixing bit for trade experts. Also, Ideal for harsh surfaces including,

  • Brick
  • Porcelain
  • Granite, 
  • stone
  • Hard timbers,
  • Fiber cement and plastic

    Some Features of our Porcelain Tile Drill Bit

    • The perfect solution for the most complicated porcelain tiles up to Mohs /Ritz hardness nine and glass
    • The white colour ring denotes the ultimate drilling depth
    • The patented centring tip allows detailed placement and exact holes deprived of damage
    • General use application due to the use in all typical drillings
    • Designed in a way that will enable easier handling

      Our Proficient and Verified Workers

      When you contact us, you rest sure that you have trusted the proper tool manufacturer. Our staff is polite and friendly at the same time, but our highly qualified team members can advise you with the best guidelines if needed.

      Let the Tools Speak for Itself 

      As a foremost retailer of quality-marked tools, at Tool Smart WA, we ensure that every apparatus stands with you in every condition. Our drilling tools hole saw, or a wide range of cutting tools, are highly resistant to corrosion and provide services for many years. So, choose Tool Smart WA without any further delay.


      We also sell Step cone drill bits at less cost. Buy now from Tool Smart WA.

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      Our specialised tools are impeccable for the fastest, most straightforward solution for small-width holes, simply pushing, cooling, and drilling. So you don’t have to compromise over the inferiority product. Spend your money on the tools that you and your business deserve. Without any second thought, call Tool Smart WA at 0403 412 263 . We are looking onward to hear from you. 

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