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Diamond Drill Bit / Hole Saw Electroplated Ceramic Tile, Fibreglass, Plasterboard, Marble

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This Electroplated Diamond Drill Bit is highly recommended and designed to drill Hardiflex, Villaboard, Cement Sheet products, or Fibreglass. 

  • Suitable for soft bricks, ceramic tiles, composite stone, plastics, and poly-crete
  • Cutting Depth 30-60mm
  • No Arbor required
  • Water required
  • No Hammer Function


Best Cutting Tool - Diamond Hole Saw | Get From Tool Smart WA

For 25years, Tool Smart WA has been creating and providing high-quality and fast cutting tools to accomplish various types of cutting projects, so you can easily find a diamond hole saw from our vast range of hole saws and core cutting selections.

We offer unique tools and products such as diamond polishing tools, drill bits, safety conesbraille signs, meter box din kits, step cones drill bits, and temporary power poles. We guarantee the quality of our products, so you can work smarter and faster.

Our Products

Our high-quality machining methods maximize the life of our tools and kits. Their steady construction and scrape resistance allow them to achieve efficiency at high speeds for long working cycles. For superiority and increased yield, our cutting hole saw offers optimal performance.

Tile Hole Saw

We have always been committed to ensuring that our tile hole saw kits are made of the highest quality materials. Our suppliers use industrial-grade carbon steel with a a nickel-plated coating for a smoother service and a thickened corundum covering the tops for maximum penetration.

The Top Features Of Our Hole Saw

  • Increased productivity
  • Longer tool life
  • Uniform surface finishes
  • Reduced machine downtime
  • High removal rate
  • Precision machining of tough steel and other hard materials
  • High-temperature applications

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We understand our products require precision engineering and high-quality materials, so we hold ourselves to a high standard of quality. Our understanding of this and our inventory has meaningfully contributed to the business's growth and rise in output.

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No matter what aspect of your experience with us, our service will be the best. We provide customer satisfaction for fast delivery and quality tools and services, ensuring we will be recommended to others about our cutting tools.

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We are Tool Smart WA, a highly trustworthy and honest tool providing service in Australia. We value our customers and honor them by providing the best tools they need at an affordable price. Visit our site at Tool Smart WA to contact us from anywhere; we will be happy to listen to any request carefully. We aim to keep our 100% satisfaction rate by providing the best customer service and tools.

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