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Premium High Speed Step Cone Drill Bits

  • $40.00
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  • Used to drill metal up to 1/4 of an inch thick
  • Designed to enlarge a hole as the bit drills through the sheet metal
  • Each step on the bit is larger in diameter than the step before
  • Smaller step drill bits are self-starting and no pilot bit is required to start the hole.
  • 3pc Kit - 4-12, 4-20, 4-30


Welcome To Tool Smart WA | Get the Best and High Speed Step Drill at Low Rates

Create a hole in any surface by using the high speed step drill. You can get efficient, effective, quality and low-cost drill bits by connecting with Tool Smart WA. We have vast ranges of drill bits with different prices at our place, so it becomes easier for you to buy the accurate drill bits for your work quickly from us.

Our Aim

We are established with over 25 years and knowledge of our guys, a combined 100years of experience between them!! We want to ensure with the new age of shopping online, service is really possible from Perth to Sydney and Queensland.  Buy with confidence.

We Use The Best Material

Many businesses purchase these step drill bits from us because we use the right grade of steel, strong and sturdy.  Only the best materials such as steel and carbides to make the strengthened drill bits.

Our manufacturers use the best quality of high carbon steel, cobalt steel alloys, and soft, low carbon steel and high speed steel when producing our tools.

A professional finish and shine, using titanium nitride, titanium, aluminium nitride, black oxide, diamond powder and zirconium nitrides to finishing and coating our best kits.

Guaranteed Work

Use this correctly, you are guaranteed the best quick cut with a smooth precision hole.  Excellent step drills of the highest quality material used for your job.

Professional Staff

The good news is that we listen to our customers carefully and provide tools according to their wishes. We also incorporate our skills to make source drill bits of advanced types, sometimes having to make a special toothed core cutter.  You may not always have to spend your money on the high quality step drill bit as you could get away with cheaper with the Titanium coated and we would tell you this.  You don’t necessarily have to go to this quality and spend money especially when it’s not necessary.

We have talented and qualified staff who, if required and is possible, will make a specific tool with 100% customer satisfaction. We source or manufacture many forms of the tools such as consumer intermediate pole, sheet steel hole saw, diamond core drill, traffic and safety cones, signage and many more kits.

Why Keep Us Your Priority?

Our Cone Step drills are best for sheet metal functioning and appropriate for cutting non-ferrous metals and stainless steel sheets with a thickness of 1.5 mm. Create a hole and modify the thermosetting and thermoplastic plastics having a thickness of 4.0 mm with our speedy drill bits. You can drill, tap and deburr in a non-stop way with the step drill.

During the Covid-19 pandemic period, you do not need to visit our company for buying any tools. You can buy tools online from Tool Smart WA. Save yourself and your surroundings from fear of diseases by getting step cone drill bits from the tool store online at a wholesale rate. Enjoy your work by using our best tool and leave good remarks on our site.

Please Talk With Us

Do you have any question about our work, services and tools? Do not wait any longer, call us at 0403 412 263.