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Concrete, Brick & Masonry Diamond Core Cutter 150 Depth Drill Tool Bit with FREE Arbor Kit 3pc SDS

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Tornado Diamond Core Cutter, highly recommended for Bricks, Concrete with or without steel reinforcing.


  • Dry Cut for Bricks
  • Wet Cut for Concrete
  • Cutting Depth 150mm
  • Suitable for Limestone Polycrete and Terrazzo
  • Purchase Long Arbors to get you deeper
  • Air Conditioning Guys, take advantage of the Silver Kit! It comes with 65, 80,+ arbors, and a carrying case!
  • DO NOT use Hammer function
  • Use with Fixed or Portable drills, mains power, or cordless.

Note: You get a free 1x3pc SDS Short Arbor Kit included (Pilot 200mm, Drift Key, and SDS Short Arbor)  ie. If you buy 2 core cutters you only get 1 kit, therefore purchase another if you need it. Thanks

If you need a Hex Arbor, please purchase the Hex Arbor you need and you will still get the Pilot and Drift Key for FREE

Please do not ask for substitutions in place of the 3pce Arbor Kit.