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Tungsten Carbide Heavy Duty Core Cutter Silver Series - Brick Concrete FREE SDS Arbor 3pc kit

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Tungsten Carbide Tipped Heavy Duty Core Cutters Silver Series are still suitable for bricks, limestone blocks and masonry walls.

  • Cutting Depth Range 80mm
  • Sizes: 65mm and 80mm only
  • No Water required
  • Hammer Function - Yes
  • If you need to go deeper, purchase arbor kit with 240mm SDS Arbor
  • Free 3pc SDS Short Arbor Kit = 1 Short SDS Arbor 1 Pilot, 1 Drift Key
  • If you require Hex short Arbor as your 3pce kit, purchase just the Hex arbor Short and I will still provide you the short pilot and drift key for free.

Note: Only 1 Free Arbor Kit per order. Only the Short is Free with purchase (ie. if you order 2 sizes you only receive one free kit. Should you require and extra set, please purchase in drop down menu.