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Diamond Drill Bit / Hole Saw Electroplated with Free Arbor

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This Electroplated Diamond Drill Bit is highly recommended, designed to drill Hardiflex, Villaboard, Cement Sheet products, Fibreglass

  • Suitable for soft bricks, ceramic tiles, composite Stone, Plastics, Polycrete
  • Cutting Depth 35-38mm
  • Sizes: 20,22,25,30,32,35,40,45,50,55,60,65,70,75,80,85,87,89,92,95,100,105,107,110, 115, 117,120,125,127,130,140,150
  • Water required
  • No Hammer Function
  • It is recommended that the high speed drill bit, that is standard with the arbor is used only as a guide in a predrilled pilot hole or removed and a template used.

Note: Only 1 free arbor (HSA4) is provided with your order, should you require extra arbor, please purchase the HSA4 arbor in drop down menu.