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Intermediate / Consumer Pole 6.5mtr

Intermediate / Consumer Pole 6.5mtr

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  • 6.5m Complete with Hooks (Rabbit Ears), ready for your Electrician to Wire and Fit
  • Hot Dip Galvanized 100NB Pipe
  • 114 OD x 4.5mm Wall Thickness
  • Cap Included

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Consumer Intermediate Pole For Sale- Make Power Supplies Easier


Tool Smart WA offers the best consumer intermediate pole 6.5m, along with meter boxes, single and three phase meter panels and din kits for connecting electricity.  Our design is compliant and designed in accordance, used in residential and commercial projects.

Our Story

We are the leading company in providing the latest and high-quality tools. We always keep the requirements of consumers in mind while sourcing or designing their tools. Installing our, complete with rabbit ears, quality manufactured consumer poles is simple. 

Custom Manufactured Intermediate Poles

We have basically manufactured the consumer poles pre-galvanized with Hooks such as Rabbit Ears. All poles’ sites are protected with a cold galvanised covering. We are skilled to create the poles with a hot-dipped galvanised 100NB Pipe having 114 OD x 4.5mm Wall Thickness. Our quality consumer poles come to your place with all the essential requirements.

What Do We Sell?

Our main aim is to provide all intermediate poles, as well as our new lightweight temporary or permanent 2.4m pole, according to the Australian Design Standard. This is why; we are always providing quality tools and kits. You can shop our vast range of electrical supplies, tools such as drill bits, diamond hand pads, wood spade bits, sheet steel hole saw, stand the stand, every cabinet maker’s dream product, or projack for overhead support of gyprock etc and many more.

In addition to the Tornado product line, our staff also provide road and safety items. These objects are Main Roads Approved in WA, and we will continue to grow our item line to offer you the best selection.

Fast Delivery

You will find us to be efficient, fast and reliable with despatch of your orders and quick pick up from our warehouse in Wangara.

Good Services

We provide high-quality and efficient tools at competitive prices. Due to the weight of our tools, rather than over-inflate the cost of products, and say that postage is included, we charge our cost of postage, and on heavy orders usually our charge is minimal.  On special freight orders we try to get the best quote.

Provide Customer Satisfaction Is Our Goal

Our main aim is to fulfill customer satisfaction. We always provide the services and consumer intermediate pole that our valued customers deserve.

The good thing is you can get the Meter box din kits with 100% guarantee and satisfaction by connecting with Tool Smart WA.

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Use our tools, for your professional job with confidences. We have online enquiries, so we are waiting to hear from you.