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Down Light Cowling Kit - Electrician's Dream

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Everyone who installs a Down Light or needs to drill into Plasterboard Ceiling should have one of these.

"Wear a Suit and you will understand why!!" Not to mention the health and safety issue of breathing in the crap you do when drilling this stuff!!!"


  • 150mm wide Cutting Capacity
  • 107mm Pilot Bit
  • Bearing retainer assembly for good long working life.
  • Twin Pin Hole Saw retainer to allow for faster Hole Saw quick changes. (If you ever had an old model you will more stuck hard to remove hole saws)
  • Winged spring retainer nut for easier shaft removal and installation.
  • Clear Plasticized Rubber Sealing Protector Ring to minimize marking.
  • Additional seals for the item can be purchased HERE