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Diamond Hand Pads

Diamond Hand Pads

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Used for polishing stone, marble, concrete, glass. Allows ease of getting into hard to reach places, creating edges and seams where a power tool cant get too.

  • Electroplated
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Used Dry
  • Grit #50, #100, #200, #400, #800

Note: Colour or design of electroplating may vary due to supplier changes



Satisfy Your Aesthetic Taste with Diamond Hand Pads and Kits

For 25 years, Tool Smart WA has constantly been striving for tool upgrades, from looking for efficient formulas for cutting heads, reviewing the special surface of Stone, and the structure of the final items, all of which are dedicated and meticulous. Save 0.1 second for any time you use our tools.

Who Are We?

We are an Australian-based company and have been serving Sydney's residents with the best and affordable tools. Our polishing pads and kits, such as diamond hand pads, will make your work easier.

Why Get Our Diamond Polishing Pads

We source the best Diamond tools and pads for concrete and Stone. Our staff will provide the set of seven diamond pad sets with a guarantee.  Our manufactured Diamond polishing and sanding pads are used to achieve light on-site improvement.

We have made the pads that are best for recovering scratches and their related work.  They are perfect for polishing marble, granite, concrete and glass. We are experienced to know and source the best Electroplated diamond polishing pads that are more suitable and aggressive for polishing concrete and granite. Our range of diamond pads are also widely applied for smoothing edges of glass.

Available In Several Types

We source many types of diamond polishing pads that can polish any surface by keeping precise requirements and customers’ needs in mind. The superiority of the polish will provide a perfect and complete touch to your polishing necessities.

Why Are We Best Than The Rest?

Our staff care, so when you need the right diamond pads for your work, talk with us.  Depending on your use and surface, we have a large range to suit your project.

We're continuously looking for techniques to better your working environments and simplify the job by removing noise or dust, minimising cost by improving the number of tools you can use in your work. We strive to provide the right products for your job and ensure you work smarter not harder.

Customer Satisfaction is our Goal

When our customers see our range, usually men in a toy store, mesmerized by what we offer and interest in the accuracy and ease of what our products can do. True that your first impression will likely be your best and last.  

Our service will speak for itself at Tool Smart WA.  We pride ourselves on service and efficiency.   We aim that your shopping experience will be a very satisfying one. 

Do you need meter box din kits? Do not search any further. Visit the Tool Smart WA. Here, you can easily select every tool at a trade rate.

Connect With Us

Looking to buy diamond hand pads from us? Buy online or call Jo on 0403 412 263. We will quickly assist with your enquiry or enquiry and ensure it lands or on your door step fast.

Have a nice day!