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Din Rail Terminal Block Distribution Box UKK-250A Universal Power Junction Box

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Used in power distribution cabinets, boxes and various high voltage cabinets. High Quality Copper conductor, high conductivity, low temp. rise.

Input Terminal: 1 * 120mm²
Output Terminal: 5 *16mm²/ 2 * 5mm² / 4*10mm²
Terminal Material: Copper
Bracket Material: Nylon Flame Retardant
Screw Material: Iron plated multi-coloured zinc, PZ screw

Rated Current 250A

  • Flame-retardant shell, high temperature, and   corrosion resistance
  • Good insulation performance and long-lasting durability.
  • High quality copper conductor.
  • High conductivity.
  • Low temperature rise.
  • Full current.
  • Transparent cover to view cable.

Easy and quick to install on the rail.