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Ilpa Drai Idrorepellente- Water Proof Sealant

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  • Drai is an excellent waterproof sealant, anti-stain, ideal for marble, granite, brick, concrete and natural stones in general.
  • It can be used successfully on floors, tables, working tops, kitchen and bathroom tops, on which the absorption of liquids like water, oil, coffee, wine will be avoided.
  • It doesn't form any film, and penetrates deeply into any type of natural stones.
  • It doesn't turn yellow or change the colour and the look of the treated material, and it allows perspiration.
  • Antistatic protects from rain, smog and grease
  • 1 Lt of Drai can treat approximately 10-15 sqm of medium porosity material.
  • Apply 2 coats of Drai with a cotton cloth, the surface must be perfectly clean from dust, grease and smog, and totally dry.
  • Lay a uniform veil on the whole surface and let dry for about 6 hours in order to allow complete absorption, for very porous surfaces (like brick, travertine, and visible concrete) more than one coat is necessary


Product is flammable and is pickup only in Perth, please contact us for special delivery freight pricing