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First Aid- Blue/ White

First Aid- Blue/ White

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  • Tactile Braille Sign with at least 30% luminance -contrast with the background
  • Comes with double-sided tape for easy installation
  • UV Protected
  • Solid and Thick PVC
  • Internationally recognized symbols
  • Complies with Australian Standards AS1428 / Building Code of Australia (Section D3.6)/ Design for Access and Mobility

Placement of signs

  • Signs must be located not less than 1200mm and not higher than 1600mm above the floor or ground surface.
  • Signs with single lines of characters must have the line of tactile characters not less than 1250mm and not higher than 1350mm above the floor or ground surface.
  • Signs identifying rooms containing features or facilities listed in D3.6 must be located:
    1. on the wall on the latch side of the door with the leading edge of the sign located between 50mm and 300mm from the architrave
    2. in the event of insufficient latch side dimension, a sign may be placed on the non-latch side of the door
    3. where (1) and (2) is not possible, the sign may be placed on the door itself.
  • Signs identifying paths of travel must be placed so they are located directly ahead in the direction of travel. Where one wall continues in the direction of travel and the other forms a corner, the sign must be placed on the continuing wall.


Toilet signs that include LH and RH are designed to show wheelchair users which way to transfer on to the toilet. Please refer to the image below: