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Ilpa Granilux Solvent Nera (Black) or Neutra

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GRANILUX is a product used to unify the coloration of granites.

Its function is powered by the polishing and oil-resistant capacity, giving a remarkable gloss to the treated surface. It is available in SOLVENT and WATER versions.

Both in the BLACK (ideal for dark colours) and NEUTRAL (ideal for light colours)

Grani LUX 1L Ilpa - stone impregnation for natural stone, used to protect from water and dirt surfaces, with the effect of color enhancement.

Suitable for processing all types of marble, travertine, granite, and agglomerate in order to saturate the color of the‚ wet‚ effect, for use both indoors and outdoors.

The "wet effect" is clearly visible on the polished stone, as well as on the heat-treated, while the color of the stone is enhanced, its structure is emphasized.

The Grani LUX 1L Ilpa hydro-propellant also protects the surface from stains, oil, water, graffiti. Therefore, to protect the countertops, this is an excellent option, as it has a wide range of protections.


  • Protects from water, oil, grease, coffee, wine
  • Gives a ‚wet effect‚ to the treated stone surface
  • Vapor-permeable does not form a film
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • UV resistant

Application Method:

  1. To clear a stone of old pollution, the remains of glue and spots.
  2. Allow the stone to dry, preferably during the day.
  3. Apply a small amount on marble, granite using rags, brushes, rags.
  4. Wait 15-20 minutes for the impregnation to soak into the stone.
  5. After that, if there are residues that have not been absorbed, remove with a cloth.
  6. We recommend opening the stone in 2 layers to enhance the effect.


Product is flammable and is pickup only in Perth, please contact us for special delivery freight pricing