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STS Stan the Stand - Ultimate Cabinet Levelling and 3rd Hand Support System

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The Best Cabinet Installation and Levelling System for Cabinet Makers.

Designed in Australia.

  • Powerful Support - 100kg weight per pair!!
  • Fully Adjustable - increments of 25mm
  • Locks in Position
  • Stable and Sturdy
  • Adjusts 450-600mm
  • You Want 750mm - Purchase the Extensions
  • 1 Kit Includes 2 Stands, 1 Set of Covers (2), 1 Set of Extensions (2) HUGE SAVINGS

Best Height Measuring Device | Stan The Stand In Perth | Get Now

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Our Products

We have been providing Stan the Stand in Perth, the best cabinet maker’s spare set of hands, with its overhead cupboard support and levelling system.  The kit which comes with all its accessories, provided now for over 25 years.

In addition to that, we provide the sanding and cutting tools according to the customers' requirements. We have drill bits, safety cones, meter box din bits, wood hole saw, steel hole saw and level and lift suction products for you. Tell us what you are trying to achieve and we will provide a tool that gives you a quick solution

Application Of Our Level And Lift Products

  • Support ceiling boards in place whilst fitting with our Projack
  • Support cements sheeting, cornices and plasterboard in place whilst connecting.
  • You can stabilize loads in the back of Trucks/Utes.
  • Hold a dryer in place whilst fitting brackets etc.

Why Pick Our Stan The Stand?

  • Adjust and level cupboards by increments
  • Work in safety
  • Easy shipment and storage
  • Textured Rubber Levers for grip
  • Quick Release Lever
  • Adjusts 450-600, purchase the extension to get to 750mm
  • Powerful Support - 100kg weight per pair
  • Locks in Position
  • Covers can be purchased to protect surfaces

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