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Ultimate Professional Core Drill DMP-162P 2200W with Stand Complete

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DMP-162P max core drilling diameter 162 mm lightweight portable concrete diamond core drill motor with 3 variable speeds.

Designed for discerning contractors and wholesalers in professional markets.

  • 2200W powerful but compact, suitable for wet or dry core drilling.
  • 1 1/4" UNC (M) and 1/2" BSP (F) spindle can accept most core drill bit in European markets.

Main features:

1. 3-speed gear regulation: variable speed for drilling concrete core in various diameters. 650/1300/2600RPM for choice. No-load speed 650RPM for max.162mm in concrete and max.202mm in brick, No load speed 1300RPM for max. 82mm in concrete, max.102mm in brick, No load speed 2600RPM - max.42mm in concrete, max. 62mm in brick.

2. Two operation methods: only 7.5KG, free-hand operation. Or fix to drill rig through 60mm bracket.

3. Adjustable front handle: easy to loosen handle.

4. Soft start for protection: this model has Soft Start inside. The motor will start gradually under its control, after that the motor up to no load speed in a few seconds. The other function is to avoid current from over-loading in drilling when core bits meet hard material.

5. PRCD fitted for production: It will help when turn on the motor. Besides, it will protect core drill motor in electric leaking or in unsteady voltage situation.

6. Mechanical slipping clutch equipped: to ensure safety as much as possible.

7. External carbon brushes: operators can change carbon brushes easily, no need to disassemble the motor.

8. Magnesium shell: to reduce weight and would be more comfortable for the operator.

9. Oil level indicator: can check if the oil is enough or not visually.

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