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Ultimate Professional Core Drill Stand DSP-162

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DSP-162 is a completely ideal stand for operators who need a stand capable to be stable and be portable.

Fits other brand drills with a collar diameter of 60mm. Travel length is 500mm. The stand has a practical handle for easy carry and transportation.

Ideal for plumbing, mechanical and electrical construction, as well as civil engineering and landscape construction. It is handy, lightweight, compact and stable.

A stable core drill stands play an important roll in core drilling works, a good stand helps you reduce your energy and increase the efficiency.

Price does not include core drill. Picture attached to show our core drill in use with the stand. See listing to purchase both at a special rate.

Main features:

  1. Adjustable column:45 adjustment drilling for a different position.
  2. Motor mounted easily: quick connect motor bracket 60mm
  3. Rolling speed option: It's installed 1:2 Speed adjustment to save more strength. The optional place for fixing crank handle. With reduction gear for reducing speed and effort.
  4. New material for carriage the carriage is made of AZ91D Magnesium alloy and the inner roller is an aluminum alloy.
  5. Easy adjustment: an automatic spring back inside for easy adjust stabilisation bars.
  6. "One for all" crank handle: as a 13mm wrench.
  7. Aluminum column and steel teeth: Aluminium material for lightweight, steel teeth for accurate drilling and long life service. Gear and steel teeth are installed needle bearing for the More accurate drive
  8. Steel welded base: for stability, long service life, and vibration resistance.
  9. More safety in transportation: tool-free carriage lock lever for parking and avoid the sudden drop of the carriage.

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